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becca Book believes in using design to solve ecological and social problems.

As an Urban Designer at Mithun, Becca seeks to use her design expertise and research and analytical skills to create more resilient, equitable places.  Her Masters in both Architecture and Urban Planning from Columbia University inform her passion for using active transportation and green infrastructure to create connected communities that work with local ecosystems to improve human wellbeing.  She has combined these skills working on innovative infrastructure projects, including the ‘BIG U’, a 10-mile protective system around lower Manhattan which integrates flood protection into the community fabric. Her interest in culturally sensitive, community-based design has informed affordable housing projects in the Puget Sound region, a 1300-acre land plan in Hawaii, and a Heritage based urban development plan in Karnataka, India.


She has contributed to a number of international exhibits, including  fabricating the a video installation for the Bjork retrospective at New York City MoMA with The Living and serving as a member of the curatorial team Istanbul Design Biennial.

In her free time, she enjoys bike touring, bike packing, track cycling, cyclocross, mountain biking, gravel cycling, and even road cycling! A native of Atlanta, Georgia, she now resides in Seattle.


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