Buckminster fuller

information fallout

Managed a crew of 13 Graduate students during the fabrication and installation of this gallery exhibit. The show features archival documents describing Buckminster Fuller's attempt to redistribute the resources and wealth of the world justly and humanely using a giant game, which dreamed of a comprehensive database that would provide the players of the world game with better data than their politically elected or appointed counterparts. He began the process of assembling a catalog of the world's needed an inventory of the world's vital statistics--where everything was and in what quantities and qualities, from minerals to manufactured goods and services, to humans and their unmet needs as well as capabilities. A new stadium was imagined that could monitor the current state of the world, bringing vital news into the “game room” live.  No such thing existed in the '60s, when Fuller began this process. The exhibit chronicles his conversations with universities and congress to realize this dream.

The exhibit was shown in the Arthur Ross Architecture Gallery and the Istanbul Design Biennale.

Curation: Mark Wasiuta and Adam Bandler

Photos: James Ewing

World Game Pavilion
Congressional Letters
Dymaxion Projection
Istanbul Biennale
Photo at the Istanbul Biennale