the big 'u'

One is working with BIG & AECOM to design the Big

U, a protective system that encircles Manhattan,

responding to the needs and concerns of the island’s

diverse communities. Stretching from West 57th

Street south to The Battery and up to East 42nd

Street, Big U protects 10 miles of low lying geography

that comprise an incredibly dense, vibrant, and

vulnerable urban area. The proposed system not

only shields the city against floods and stormwater;

it provides social and environmental benefits to the

community, and fosters an improved public realm.

Coordinated plans are underway created for three

contiguous but separate “compartments” that can

be isolated from flooding in adjacent zones. With a

small team of 6 architects and planners at One I

provide detailed urban analysis, mapping, modeling

and schematic design for the Big U.

Seawall Option
Raised Streets Option
Raised Intersections Option
Alternative Line of Protection
Sea Level Rise
Required Flood Protection Height
Project 'Compartments'
East Side Coastal Resiliency Project