HUD Innovation

in affordable housing

The 'Village Seeds' project was completed for the HUD Innovation in Affordable Housing Design Competition in February, 2017 along with Rcik Fudge (M.Arch), Michael Nickerson (M.Arch), Patrick Taylor (MS Real Estate) and Robert Tayar (MS Real Estate).

Village Seeds proposes a comprehensive program which will have a positive impact on the community at three scales: the individual units and families living within them, the Cuyahoga County Housing Authority's Woodhill Homes development, and the City of Cleveland overall. The design solution was developed in response to concerns that federal financing is increasingly difficult for public housing agencies to obtain to obtain, emphasizing the need for innovation and cost-efficiency in affordable housing. The proposal leverages private and public funding sources for rehabilitation, modernization, and new construction on-site and partners with municipal and nonprofit organizations to build new affordable homeownership opportunities on nearby vacant properties.

A successful project must do more than provide affordable rents to members of the community, new and old and  an adequate quality of life and opportunities for stability and advancement. Village Seeds seeks to address this complex, overlapping web of priorities by offering a mix of affordable housing, employment and education opportunities. The project plugs into existing development plans for Cleveland to identify a site for a new modular housing factory, which will both produce cost effective additions for this sites, create jobs for the neighborhood, and sow the seeds for the construction of additional affordable units using a similar unit typology.

Proposed Site Additions
Workforce Training Center Section
District Transportation Plan
Unit Plans
Modular Construction System
Apartment Renovation Section