City of sound

This project was completed for Juan Herreros's Studio at Columbia University. We were tasked with reimagining a post industrial neighborhood outside of Madrid, Spain. My proposal was inspired by the site’s unique position in the orbit of Madrid– well connected, yet peripheral to the life of the city. I capitalized on this combination of transit access and relative isolation to design a city of sound. Unlike venues for other music festivals, which remain empty for most of the year, the city of sound is occupied year round. The plan activates the post industrial neighborhood with housing and cultural programing. Each element is designed for multi functionality in order to provide a cultural and entertainment venue with minimal wasted space, which can host a community of musicians and artists and foster provide resources

for them to collaborate and create together during the day, while providing plenty of space for performances during festivals and concerts.

Housing Axonometric
Exploded Site Axonometric
Housing Units
Site Model
Model - View from Street
Site Plan

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