This project was completed as part of a graduate studio at the Technische Universitat Berlin along with Sophia Rosso.

Designed for ‘Loweninsel’ a small island in a canal off the Spree river in Berlin. The canal, and the island itself, was originaly built to ship coal to factories along the river at the turn of the century. As the island no longer serves this purpose, there is no reason for the island to maintain its current shape. We decided to change the shape of the island to reflect its new use as a museum and park. Currently, there is an industrial area with a cement factory on the tip of the island which has the best views of the river and the city, and a public park on the rear of the island. We decided to make the museum as a series of pavilions which would allow park goers to wander between the pavilions, enjoy the sculpture garden, and catch glimpses of the art work through the museum windows. A path was also designed so that visitors to the museum and the park could walk all the way around the edge of the island and look at the city and the river.

Loweninsel Museum Elevations
Loweninsel Museum Section

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