Design Competition for the City of Hatsukaichi, Japan.

Completed with Studio REDE, Summer 2015.

The urban deisgn proposal for a new ferry terminal and neighborhood revitalization strategy transposes the urban

strategy between the Miyajimaguchi city grid that and

the newly introduced grid created by the relocation of the Ferry terminal which now aligns diagonally towards views the Itsukashima Shrine, which can be seen from various elevations along the foreshore across Onoseto Strait.

The Urban Design Strategy extends the spiritual procession from the Shinto Shrine of Itsukushima into the city of Hatsukaichi, replacing what is now a row of unremarkable shops with a series of contemplative parklets and cultural displays which educate visitors on the islands religious significance and the area's oyster

farming traditions. This improves visitors' experience as well as the neighborhood economy.


View of the proposed Ferry Terminal
Traffic Strategy
Urban Design Strategy
View diagram
Concept diagram
View from the Terminal to Itsukushim
Processional rendering
Processional rendering
Processional Rendering
Processional Rendering

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