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Edison-Eastlake Wins $30 Mil HUD GRANT

I spent Christmas of 2017 developing and refining this plan for a January 2nd deadline, and am happy to see that our team finally received the present we all dreamed of - a $30 Million Grant through HUD's Choice Neighborhood Initiative!

Mithun and the City of Phoenix worked closely together to develop a plan for a walkable, shaded, and connected redevelopment of public housing into a mixed income community of about 1200 homes, new parks, some retail and community facilities. The design includes a new signature linear park creating a seam with adjacent hospital, resilience strategies including a natural cooling tower at our plaza and specific housing typologies to maximize shade, and paseos. It is a major shift to TOD and walkable development in car-centric Phoenix.

Read the City of Phoenix’s press release here:

And more info about the Choice Neighborhoods Program from HUD here:


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