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Bronx Housing

A proposal for flexible, affordable housing developed while studying at Columbia University GSAPP.

The Bronx apartments offer residents the opportunity to rent living space by the room, giving them the option to expand their apartment as their family grows, or to rent fewer rooms in the case of unemployment or fiscal diff iculties. This removes the added stress of requiring residents seek out a new home as their life changes.

Each flexible apartment has access to shared kitchen, dining and greenhouse spaces. This gives each resident access to larger, better provisioned spaces than they would have otherwise. Rather than creating unprogrammed (and often under utilized) 'public spaces' the project encourages the community created around the production, preparation and consumption of food.

The green houses which line the south facing facade contain productive growing space, which can either be appropriated by residents, who can rent movable planters within it, or operated by a local business for profit. This not only provides accessible, aff ordable food, but also valuable gathering space for residents.

Project Gallery

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