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City of Phoenix Edison-Eastlake One Vision Plan

Sustainable mixed-use neighborhood plan and housing master plans for three existing public housing sites adjacent to downtown Phoenix

The plan transforms three existing public housing sites from a low-density configuration of residential buildings and vacant lots—where nighttime summer temperatures are often above 90-degrees—into a walkable and livable community with cool spaces designed as places of respite from the hot desert sun. Improved and redesigned open spaces promote a healthy and active lifestyle in a safe & inclusive environment.

A range of housing types, including senior and family housing, are mixed throughout the neighborhood, allowing inter-generational connections to be maintained and flourish. Transit investments are also featured, with excellent transit & bike access in addition to well-lit pedestrian-focused paseos.

The plan highlights and celebrates the neighborhood’s rich history as the oldest African-American neighborhood within the city of Phoenix, while also embracing the voices and cultures of many other communities making their home in the neighborhood. On 20th street, a cultural corridor and new food hub is envisioned with live/work and entrepreneurship incubator spaces.

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