Keahuolu Land Plan

Project Manager for the development of a regional 1,300-acre TOD master planning project to include a mix of new walkable neighborhoods, parks and open space, schools, civic spaces and cultural amenities.

The Keahuolu ahupua'a in Kona stretches from the shoreline up the slopes of Hualalai volcano. The Mithun team developed a masterplan that grew from the diverse ecosystems found at different elevations of Keahuolu. An extensive trail and open space system forms the fraemwork of our plan, protecting the shoreline while allowing locals and visitors to ‘bring voice’ to cultural sites and activities unique to Hawai'i. Pockets of walkable neighborhoods and a village center are interconnected with new street and bicycle infrastructure and transit.

This plan provides a unique opportunity for our client, the Liliʻuokalani Trust to create a living laboratory for families with an environmental education program and thirty miles of new trails providing safe routes to schools and parks. The development supports the Trust not only through the revenue it will generate to support Trust programs serving orphan and destitute children in Hawai'i, but also through the cultural and educational facilities situated throughout the plan, allowing the land to become a classroom for life.

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