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Kirkland Station Area Plan

Project Manager for a station area plan that reconfigures a highway interchange into a walkable transit oriented-community around a future bus rapid transit station.

As Project Manager for the Kirkland NE 85th Street BRT Station Area Plan, I managed a team that analyzed the fiscal and community benefit impacts of proposed growth and developed policy recommendations and design strategies to ensure the City can proactively plan for growth while maintaining the quality of life for existing residents. I used both my planning background and the design skills I have developed as an Architect to communicate our proposal and findings to elected officials and the public. Along with our client, City of Kirkland, we met with WSDOT, ARCH, Sound Transit and LWSD to explore how regional transit investments could be leveraged to create a more equitable and sustainable community. The Vision for the Station Area Plan to create a livable, workable, equitable, and sustainable Transit Oriented Community in the City of Kirkland that supports high capacity transit investment at the new BRT station and throughout the region. The Plan will focus on land use, urban design, transportation, infrastructure/utilities, economic development and sustainability.

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