This project was completed for the Urban Land Institute's Hines Competition, a two week design challenge which brings together multi-disciplinary teams from Real Estate, Architecture, and Urban Planning. Becca served as the team's planner, and assisted in the development of a sustainability plan, community development goals, and traffic planning, as well as assisting in the production of drawings for the final deliverable. The team included Agnieszka Janusz (Architecture), Trevor Owens, Jessica Michung Yoon andLeo Yu (Real Estate Development).   

Spring Loop provides a strategic mix of uses in a new development characterized by forward looking architecture and thoughtful treatment of the public realm create a vibrant place at the confluence of urban forces. Spring Loop connects existing subway, automobile routes and planned streetcar systems, completing surrounding pedestrian and cycling networks.Its optimal location promotes such multi-modal transit and creates a unique opportunity for car-free living at the center of Atlanta‚Äôs sprawling metropolitan area, where students, young professionals, families, and older adults can live, work, and thrive - forging a Lifelong Community. 

Section view from north with sustainability features
Section from West with program descriptions
Spring City Masterplan
Spring City site plan
'The Knot' at Spring Loop Atrium
New Pedestrian Promenade at Spring Street between Ponce De Leon and 3rd St
'The Knot' Retail Center Sitting in Juliette Gordon Lowe Gardens
Bird's Eye View of proposed development
Financial Projections and Phasing
West Elevation
Landmarks and circulation in the Midtown Atlanta Area

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'The Knot' at Spring Loop Atrium